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The best bearings can only be made by the best team. Commitment, passion, thoroughness , and creativity are the values exhibited by each of our team members. They are also the cornerstones of our way of working.

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Fersa Chair

Fersa Chair

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Your talent: opportunity and growth

At Fersa we hire young talented professionals wishing to develop their career in a dynamic and constantly growing company with international projection. At Fersa learning is one of the foundations of continuous innovation.

This corporate culture allows our team to successfully navigate daily challenges, with creativity, motivation, follow-up, continuous learning and personal development being central for team growth.

The corporate principles on which our Fersa Style is based are:

  • Commitment to customers in all our actions, understanding their needs and taking on the responsibility we acquired for them.
  • Passion for quality in our work and in each of the products and services we offer.
  • Rigorous analysis and action, enhancing accuracy and precision in the performance of our tasks.
  • Teamwork for greater safety in decision making.
  • Sense of urgency in all our actions, putting our heads and hearts into the tasks we perform.
  • Creative atmosphere allowing the flow of ideas which make a difference.
  • Ethics and professional integrity, acting honestly.

Because at Fersa Bearings talent is key: Our PEOPLE.

Fersa Chair for Innovation and Talent

The University of Zaragoza and Fersa Bearings have created the Fersa Chair for the promotion of talent and innovation.

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