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We provide products that meet our customer's needs with the highest quality standards from the leading European automotive manufacturers and we take it to the workshop. Fersa's vast experience provides accurate knowledge that solves any demand, anticipating your needs and going where no one has gone before.

Our engineers work to offer you complete solutions, adapted to specific requirements making possible the development of a wide range of part numbers for very specific applications.

  • The most comprehensive product range. With over 4500 part numbers, Fersa manufactures transmission, differential, and wheel-end bearings, which are the perfect alternative to original equipment parts from leading manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Iveco, BPW and Freightliner among others.
  • Personalized service. We work for excellence with a flexible service and committed to customer satisfaction, accompanying you in rigorous after-sales service.

Fersa Care: Complete and personalized service for commercial vehicles.

The aim of the Fersa Care program is to transfer our engineers' knowledge to the workshop and place it at the service of the mechanic to make their work more efficient and safer. This program offers a wide range of services, from tools specially designed to make life easier at the workshop, to specific technical training and extended guarantees to the centers that are part of the Certified Workshop Network.

A good product is useless unless it is properly assembled. We offer all the necessary resources to make your spare parts perfect. We trust you and our bearings.

For more information check our Fersa Care webpage.  

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Fersa has an extensive distribution network to cover the strategic markets' demand in which it operates.

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