Fersa Chair

Fersa Chair for Innovation and Talent

The University of Zaragoza and Fersa Bearings have created the Fersa Chair for the promotion of talent and innovation.

Shared experience


One of the pillars of the Fersa Chair is knowledge promotion, through which we want to support and encourage the development of the same in the university and research environment.

In this manner, Fersa, through the Chair, encourages Master's or university students and researchers to implement projects, term papers, and theses jointly.

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Seminars and conferences

Fersa shares the experiences gained from its staff with the university environment through conferences, seminars, or presentation of case studies.


Trainee programs

Fersa offers degree and master's students or graduates two types of programs:

Fersa Graduate Program

Fersa Graduate Program is a professional development program where the participants will be provided with an overview of the company thanks to training in various company areas. The program is of medium-long duration and the future possibility of incorporation into the company is offered.

As a company with an international range, this program offers the possibility of traveling abroad to one of the subsidiaries.

  • Duration: 3-10 months.
  • Profile: final year, recent graduates, and Master's students.

Fersa offers degree and master's students or graduates two types of internships:

Fersa Internship Program

Fersa Internship Program consists of a short term type of internship, generally during the summer period. Besides in this program, there is the possibility of developing a specific project in the business or final degree or Master's project.

  • Duration: 1-4 months
  • Profile: final year students.

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New challenges and ideas

The innovative challenge

The Innovative challenge, framed within the Fersa Chair, is proposing a solution to a specific problem which the company is facing. In it, the participants will present an innovative project that gives an answer to the problem presented and will have to defend it before a court composed of company members and university professors.


  • 1st Prize: total amount of 600€* to distribute among the team members.
  • Finalists: Consideration for future internships.

Fersa Bearings is reserves the right to consider awarding the prize, in the event that the proposed solutions to not achieve minimum quality.


All of the proposals will be evaluated by a panel the day of the presentation, composed of Fersa representatives and the department related to the topic discussed. The 5 best proposals will be selected to be finalists. Subsequently, a winner will be nominated from the selected, according to the evaluation criteria listed below:

  • Proposal consistency
  • Originality
  • Industrialization sustainability
  • Presentation quality

The projects that are chosen as finalists will be published on the Fersa Chair website.

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