Passion for excellence


Our passion for excellence leads us to apply the highest requirements and quality standards.

Quality in the supplier network

Growing together: Quality shared with suppliers and collaborators

The collaborative work that we carry out at Fersa with our providers ensures the correct supply from our production centers, and guarantees the quality, timeliness and competitiveness of our products.

In addition, we ensure a procedure based on the values of objectivity, transparency, and integrity as well as compliance with our duties in fiscal, labor, human rights, and environmental protection matters, together with thorough compliance with current legislation. In order for this to be a reality, our team carries out regular audits in which quality, technical, logistical, financial, and commercial aspects are assessed.

Quality in the production process

Rigorous quality control during the process

We are currently immersed in a thorough digitization process supported by the Industry 4.0 and Smart Industry technologies. A clear example is the implementation of quality controls across the production chain, storing 100% of parts data in real time. In this way, we ensure the best raw material for our products and highly stringent tolerances in the final application.

Since 2016, Fersa has been involved in the STREAM-0D project, financed by the European Union within the Horizon 2020 framework. Its purpose is to create a comprehensive control system integrated in production lines, capable of reducing product variability, increasing the flexibility of the line and thus obtaining a flawless production.

Product and Service Quality

We go further to offer you the best solution

We work under the most demanding quality standards; from the product's inception and design to after-sales service. This precision is complemented by the use of cutting-edge technology throughout the manufacture and control process, thus obtaining excellent performance for our products: Prolonged lifetime and maximum reliability.

At Fersa, we work to exceed expectations in the assistance and support to our customers. The quality of Fersa's service ensures a close relationship, a quick response, and maximum flexibility, adapting to your needs and offering added value to our bearings, something that is not easily found in the market.