Fersa Bearings develops a Graduate program with the collaboration of the University of Zaragoza. Senior year students and recent graduates have the opportunity to start their profesional career with us.

The pogram gives the participants a real immersion in a working environment that will help them develop their skills and increase their knowledge in their studies field.

They will also be able to confirm their vocation while also taking a look at the areas where they need to improve or find new subjects of interest.

A real immersion in the working life

Fersa´s team will be in charge of guiding the youngsters along the way in order to help them maximize their potential.

Every student will be supervised by its mentor; the one who is going to evaluate directly the performance during the program from a professional but also an ethical and personal point of view.

The University of Zaragoza will also play a key roll evaluating the improvement of the student while also verifying the capabilities of every student for the suggested role in Fersa Bearings. 

Starting your career in Fersa has become a reality

In Fersa we are looking for talent, freshness and enthusiasm. We firmly believe those aspects are vital to keep on building a future based on an innovative and self-starting spirit.

The internetship will have a duration of 3-10 months and can be managed through full-time schedule, up to 40 hours/week.

The participants will always be working on a field that is straightly related to their studies field. They will also be paid a remuneration and they will be registered in the Social Security system as a trainee.

Take a further look at this opportunity now: https://fersa.com/en/talent-careers/scholarships-first-job