Thanks to our university scholarship program, this year at Fersa we welcomed 10 recent graduates with bachelor's or master's degrees. It is noteworthy that during 2021, 6 of these university students finished their 10-month long-term scholarship period, and 5 of them have been hired through employment contracts. This means a percentage of success in the integration of the workforce in our commitment to talent.

Vocational training centers and their opportunities

During the first half of 2021, Fersa has been collaborating with Aragonese vocational training centers, which has allowed us to receive 12 students for curricular internships, so that they can develop the practical side of their training in our company.

The VT of technical studies (machining, automotive...) are very interesting for us. One example is the incorporation of two production scheduling students in mechanical manufacturing.

Our commitment to talent recruitment

The figures mean that 83% of the colleagues who do a scholarship at Fersa are hired in our company. This fact shows our commitment to all the people who prove their worth and dedication during their journey at Fersa.

In turn, the feedback after the internship period confirms the great selection work carried out by the Human Resources team when choosing the most suitable candidates for the different positions available.

700 euros monthly stipend for scholarships

The amount of the monthly remuneration per scholarship at Fersa is 700 euros net, in addition to enjoying a subsidized canteen.

This is one of the highest stipend received in Aragon for this job profile, and at Fersa we have already agreed to increase the amount for next year.