Fersa Group, a Spanish multinational company where we design, manufacture and distribute bearings. Our Sustainability Report 2021 includes the improvements and developments in R&D&I during this year, in which we have moved towards a more sustainable framework.

The digitalization of our production process has allowed us to reduce bearing wastes by 85%. In addition, we are developing two new product families to achieve minimum fuel consumption and reduce the raw material for their manufacture. We are also developing hybrid bearings made of ceramic material to reduce our carbon footprint. We have included the use of recycled material and we are committed to local suppliers as future partners.

After 50 years of history, we are now present in more than 95 countries with our Fersa Bearings, NKE and A&S brands.

As we grow in our specialty area, the distribution of complete high-performance bearing solutions in industrial and automotive applications, we have added new renewable energy markets in the USA and China.

In addition, following our strategic lines of innovation, we are committed to a range adapted to the evolution of the sector, attending to new realities such as electric vehicles, connectivity and efficiency.

As Fersa Group CEO Carlos Oehling states: "People and the transition to sustainability need to be strategic in our production model, reducing our negative impacts on the environment".

The report describes the measures carried out in terms of corporate responsibility towards people and the environment, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The complete document can be downloaded in Spanish at the following link: https://www.fersa.com/uploads/files/MemoriaSostenibilidad2021.pdf