On its way to total excellence, FERSA GROUP is working on the development of the Zero Defects project, in the context of Horizon 2020.

The Zero Defects Project is based on the sensorization of the production line to eliminate in advance any parameter in the manufacturing equipment that could affect the quality of the piece. Thanks to this concept, the machine is able both to check its operating parameters and to readjust itself in real time, ensuring the quality of each piece.

In addition, the information acquired during the manufacture of each part at each stage of the process is collected and processed by using Big Data.

Real-time parameter control for each piece

The Big Data, based on traceability, integrity verification and data reliability, is processed by Machine Learning proposing the optimal production parameters.

Control and learning are performed in real time, so that the machine can readjust to each piece.

Sub-micrometer level measurement

The Zero Defects Project focuses on developing special sensorization to capture sub-micrometer level topography measurement data.

Achieving sub-micrometer tolerances of waviness, and other geometric and dimensional parameters of the pieces, avoids any possible vibration that could reduce the lifetime of the bearing.

Thanks to this FERSA GROUP development, the machine is able to self-adjust during the process to avoid the combination of parameters that generate vibrations.

High speed product changeover

In addition, the sensorization of the production line and the optimization of parameters through DATA Mining has allowed us to reach a high speed in the changeover of products within our multi-reference lines.

GRUPO FERSA is working on the Zero Defects Project together with partners in Spain and Europe.