Fersa Bearings, the Spanish multinational company dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of complete high-performance bearing solutions for the automotive market, especially for heavy vehicles, has once again been chosen by Mercedes Benz Trucks for the manufacture of bearings, this time for the wheels of the driven rear axle of the Atego truck.

The Atego is a Mercedes truck model for distribution transport that is smaller and more compact than conventional trucks. It has the right dimensions for the type of transport required in urban areas and for short and medium-distance trips between population centers. 

The German multinational Mercedes-Benz is known for complying with strict quality requirements, and already in the development and construction design phase of its trucks it attaches the utmost importance to the design and efficiency of each of the components. This is why the company has once again chosen Fersa to manufacture the bearings for this truck model, as both companies are ruled by the same quality standards.

Mercedes Benz began working with Fersa in December 2018, convinced by the Spanish company's commitment to product innovation, smart manufacturing and digital transformation. Since then, Fersa has been supplying bearings for truck axles for models such as the Actros, at its plant in Kassel (Germany). All this trajectory has been significant for the German multinational to trust in Fersa again for the Atego model compared to other alternatives on the international scene for the supply of bearing solutions.