Fersa participates along with five other Spanish companies, component manufacturers, in the second phase of the European project E2DRIVER, a platform designed to provide training to small and medium-sized companies in energy efficiency.

Together with SERNAUTO, in this phase of the project, a customized training program will be carried out to acquire new skills in the field of energy efficiency and energy audits, as well as to increase economic and energy savings. This training has a duration of 6 weeks and combines online learning through a training platform on the web and face-to-face sessions where the team will apply everything they have learned. During these months, the participating companies have received visits to our facilities to perform an energy audit and see the elements of improvement.

At Fersa, we firmly believe in investing in innovation, technology and human resources as an engine for growth. This way of thinking has helped us to grow day by day, until we have become a reference of quality and rigor at an international level. We are committed to the process of continuous innovation and we transfer it to our product, our processes and our organization wherever we are.

Why do we consider energy efficiency to be important and why did we choose to participate in e2DRIVER?

We chose the e2DRIVER project because we think that in our sustainability strategy it will allow us to develop technology that will allow us to monitor and improve our production processes, improving sustainability. It will also help us to raise the awareness of our people, who will be key to these objectives.