Fersa Bearings launches a range of clutch release bearings as part of a CLAC M series, completing their already existant  pneumatic CLAC P series. These bearings are designed and manufactured for higher perfomance, delivering truck drivers a greater payload and longer mileage.

Easy and effortless gear shifts

The CLAC M range series has been engineered to achieve comfortable driving and effortless shifts between gears and to deliver the longest mileage.

All of these bearings are equipped with blended Chrome Steel rings that are ground based on optimized track geometries to eliminate truncations. Through an automated process of pairing, the ideal combined set of balls and tracks is achieved to reduce bearing fatigue.

Always ahead in technology, this brand new range of bearings are lightweight and have a modular design. They have been tested for seal pressure and they have a low drag torque, controlled free play, a higher load carrying capacity and a premium grade lubrication.

Experts in Powertrain Solutions

With this new category of bearings added to the portfolio, Fersa Bearings reinforces its positioning as an expert in powertrain solutions.