At Fersa Bearings we have strengthened the service that we always offer to our customers. This time we implemented the C-440 FT fatigue test bench.

This investment allows us to have from now on the ability to test and validate large bearings through our own means since it is a system capable of working with bearings up to 440 mm in outside diameter and applying forces of up to 80 tons.

We are, therefore, responding to the demands that the market was asking of us, following the huge increase in requests for large LSB bearings that we have experienced at Fersa. A demand that has not stopped growing in the last two years, motivated by the exponential growth of the industrial and wind energy business in the Fersa group, and which demonstrates the trust that we generate among our sector.

The new bench opens the way to testing with new developments and technologies from our own facilities, without relying on third parties. This improvement helps us to advance in self-sufficiency and be able to set our own testing and validation schedules, allowing us maximum flexibility in these processes and thus fulfilling our objective of offering the best service to our customers.

With the C-440 FT fatigue test bench from Fersa Jiaxing we have the best elements to find and validate solutions for the main challenges posed by large bearings and their applications, such as hybrid bearings, with ceramic balls, or surface BOC (black oxide coating) treatments.

Likewise, it responds to the highest approval standards, satisfying both T1 and OEM customers of the industrial system.

This new addition to our facilities will also help us grow in our expertise on test methodologies and protocols typical of these types of products and applications, expanding our range of specialization. We are increasingly capable in more fields.